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When you seek out to find the perfect domain, keep in mind that it’s more than just an online address. A domain is the foundation of your online brand awareness. Before you register a new domain, or purchase an already registered “used” secondary aftermarket domain, consider the following suggestions to ensure a safe and secure purchase, and to better your chances for online success.

Do Your Due Diligence

What is your competition and what are their domains. The best and most revered domains are real words or dictionary words. The fewer the characters, the better and more valuable. When you’ve established what your looking for or a variation of the word or phrase, begin with a new domain search tool from any reputable registrar. Finding a the right .COM may not be possible because of the number of domains that are already registered. You may have better success finding a .CA domain that is not yet registered, and if so – you’re initial investment is minimal. Alternatively, to get what you’re looking for and to get the best domain, you’ll need to approach an already registered domain owner of the domain you desire, and try to negotiate the best possible price to satisfy all parties concerned. This is called a secondary or “used” domain, and the domain at question may likely hold some or significant value depending on the nature of the domain or other key indicators. These domains can be bought and sold at various prices, generally from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands, and in some instances – much more. Don’t be shied away, but rather embrace the opportunity to own a really great domain, as a reasonable sale price is often the result. What’s more, and in some instances, financing options can be arranged through on the domain if agreed upon between the parties. is a domain aftermarket platform that exclusively showcases secondary Canada domains connecting prospective buyers to domain sellers.

Make it Memorable!

When you begin your search for a Canada domain, consider word-of-mouth advertising. You’ll want to ensure that the domain is easy to spell and remember. Memorable short domains are simply the best and most valuable because they’re rare, and allow prospective customers and search engines to find you easier. Dictionary words that are easy to type are considered industry class and should be the primary goal. Therefore, try to avoid trademark infringements, misspelled or odd spellings, hyphenations, and so on.

Having a great keyword-rich domain illustrates immediate credibility and competitive advantage. A smart domain can pay for itself, as a result of increased traffic, and ultimately greater sales.